WellBeing and relaxation

Relaxation Shiatsu - 45 mn - 30 €

a Shiatsu session is a moment of calm and relaxation. It gives decontraction and wellbeing.


The massage is done on a tatami, covered with a soft mattress. The patient wears unconstricting clothes, like a light trousers and a T-shirt.

To keep the benefit of the massage, I recommand to avoid any intense activity after it.


Jean-Patrick, shiatsu therapist, propose you sessions of 45 mn, at a rate of 30 euros.

Appointment by mail (contact@masdeladouceur.com) or on site.

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What is shiatsu ?

Shiatsu means "pressure with fingers".

It's a japenese relaxation technic. It consist in doing soft pressure, on the skin, to correct  internal dysfonction of our body. It comes both from healthy japenese technics (Anma) and from traditional chinese medecine.

Our body works well when the energy (Ki) flows freely. The Ki flow across the meridiens, sort of "Ki canals", et allows our organs to operate harmoniously.

Unfortunately, the lifes' constraints weigh on us, giving problems like contracted shoulders and neck, heavy breast, heavy legs, moral and physic fatigue...

Shiatsu will consist in dispersing the energetically blocked areas and toning what it need to be. The Ki will flow in a more efficient way, giving a wellbeing feeling, and a better resistance to everyday life.


Receiving a shiatsu is contraindicated in case of :

- strong fever, cancer, infectious illness, chronic hypertension,

- food, drug, alcoool intoxication, after a heavy meal,

- during the first three month of pregnancy.